A joyous, playful yet serious engagement about taking up aesthetic space, intellectual space, physical space, social space, virtual space. Relying on repetition, a signifier of ageing, GraceGraceGrace take up space as a foil to the invisibility of our ageing bodies.


Our video captures our zoom sessions with Tap Academy Prague: our failures and perseverance, a public parable of learning.  


This was played out in front of an audience via this video— something most others go to great lengths to conceal.


In repeating our ‘mistakes’ via a live performance (Prague 21 May 2021) the Prague Tap Academy created new steps, becoming our mediated bodies, our avatars, our proxies, our new friends.


This was an experiment in collaboratively making work from four locations (Brighton, London, Dhaka and Prague) for a live audience (Prague- 21 May 3021) and an online audience (after-the-fact).


Uninstructional video for International Women's Day 2021

Tap 1
Tap 2
ZOOM screen

ZOOM workshops, learning, collaborating (London, Brighton, Dhaka, Prague) from which we made our ZOOM film.

LIVE performance, Prague, 21 May, 2021, Performance Crossing Festival (GraceGraceGrace on the screen via our ZOOM film) + Tap Academy (in the flesh).


GraceGraceGrace in collaboration with Prague Tap Academy for Performance Crossing Festival 2021

B facing screen 100
I + B 100

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