Images from Light Source presents- GraceGraceGrace; Reclaiming the Crone. 25 Jan at the Horse Hospital, a performative lecture on witches, ageism and contemporary femicide.

We say, call it what it is: FEMICIDE. Invisibility, devaluation and derision towards the older woman, added to everyday misogyny, results in a disproportionate number of women over 55 being murdered by men every year.

Our thanks to Amy Kingsmill for inviting us. Dagmara Bilon, who stepped up as our tech, and Lara Buffard for her support… and for the many other contributions cited in this work.

Photo credits: Hannah Kates Morgan, Dagmara Bilon, and Dyana Gravina

Helena Vortex + Katharine Meynell + Teresa Albor