4. She successfully raised three children as a single mother. She was battered to death with a rock and a gas canister. A mate of her partner has been charged.

2. She was a nurse during the Blitz. She had a cat called Psyche. Her husband drove her into oncoming traffic after she spent an evening with her best friend.

On 28 August amd 18 September, 2021 GraceGraceGrace visited the sites of nine murders across London and near Birmingham to make visible and call out the killing by men of nine older women as FEMICIDES, and to reflect on these women's lives.  Images 1-4: Jemski Images 5-9 GraceGraceGrace

3. She was born in Jamacia, considered ‘fearless’, sang in the church choir and was very involved in her community.  She was murdered in her home. Her grandson has been charged with the murder. The judge in the case said the killing involved “extreme violence”.

1. She had a wonderful smile.  She was stabbed to death in her own home.  A man who lived on the same street has been charged with the murder.

Second shoot

9. She was a grandmother of 10. Run over by a 16-year-old male who sped away and then abandoned the car.

5. A much-loved mum and Scout leader who pledged her love to the man who killed her. "My mother was the kindest and most caring person who would do anything for anyone. She made an impact on so many people's lives." Violently murdered by her boyfriend in his home.

6. A great-grandmother who was remembered as "a much-loved and respected member of her local community" who "always had time to show compassion and understanding to others".  She died in hospital after a fire at her house. A man has been charged with attempted murder and arson with intent to endanger life.

7. A much-loved, much-respected woman described as a ‘hero’ in her community. Bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat in her flat by a man who had stabbed a 59-year-old woman in the neck outside a shop leaving her needing 30 stitches, 3 days earlier.

8. She was a loving wife, mother, grandma, great grandma and friend. She would find great enjoyment pottering around her garden. She was a loving gentle lady. Strangled to death in her home.

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