Invisible Enemy 2020

Danielle Imara


"Gracegracegrace is impressed by Danielle fighting the invisible enemy.... especially by the artist's skill for fighting back-- demonstrably measured here-- for deadly times.  We love it."

Personal Protection

O. Pen Be



"GraceGraceGrace is delighted with the raw, confrontational quality of this response to the provocation: Personal Protection.  O. Pen Be takes up space, owns their body and subverts the reading of leak pads, signifiers of weakness, into an armour.  The artist’s gaze is straight into the camera—straight into our eyes as if to say: ‘Don’t look away.”  We didn’t.”

Personal Protection

Jojo Taylor

(Music: Tired Ghosts, by Tyler Schanck at The Wandermiles)


"This is a strange and reflective video, accompanied by melancholic piano music and full of ambiguous emotion. Opening on a woman’s face, partly concealed in blue sunglasses, it pans out leaving a body buried in a rolling landscape of dried hay. Connected to the earth yet isolated, it acts as metaphor for the Covid era."




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